Gunslinger damage evaluator:

Note: All results show are based on a draw from the deck without replacement. That means they correspond to the probabilities you would see after shuffling all cards and starting from a new deck. Also note that for the damage evaluator MALFUNCTION cards are taken into account.

The damage evaluator is not complete yet! In particular it does not calculate the correct delays yet but I've decided to make it available in its current form right now.

Select the type of shot:

Damage type: Amount:


A light 1 result has :

  • An average of XX delays (not including any delays from unintentional drops).
  • A probability of 3.57% of at least one wild shot.
  • A probability of 1.82% of at least one drop.
  • A probability of 10.00% of at least one lose aim.

The probabilities above are the marginal probabilities.