Welcome to Claus Ekstrøm's Gunslinger web page. Here I keep various homemade stuff related to the old (and sadly out-of-print) Avalon Hill board game Gunslinger.

Gunslinger shot evaluator:

Note: MALFUNCTION cards are not taken into account so the calculated probabilities are the conditional probabilities given that the shot is not a malfunction.

Select the type of shot:

Aim: Range:

Target status:
Move Run Down Head

Gunslinger damage evaluator:

I've been working on a damage evaluator. It is far from finished but it the mean time you can try it out. Please follow the link in the menu bar to the left and do leave me any comments about it.


The scenarios listed here are all in acrobat PDF-format. Most of the scenarios have to be formatted and/or translated and I will do that when I find the time. If you are interested in seeing any of there scenarios then let me know.

New map boards:

All the map boards are fairly large (ca. 750 kb). To print a map board for use with Gunslinger load the new board in a graphics program (e.g., The Gimp) or simply in a word processing program (e.g., OpenOffice). Scale the picture such that the vertical dimensions match with the original boards (the horizontal size will then automatically match) and print on a colour printer - a board can easily fit on an A4 page.

House Rules

The rules here are meant as clarifications and additions to the standard rules.


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