Welcome to Claus Ekstrøm's Gunslinger web page. Here I keep various homemade stuff related to the old (and sadly out-of-print) Avalon Hill board game Gunslinger.

Gunslinger shot evaluator:

Note: MALFUNCTION cards are not taken into account so the calculated probabilities are the conditional probabilities given that the shot is not a malfunction. The new, updated Gunslinger Shot Evaluator can be found here.


The scenarios listed here are all in acrobat PDF-format. Most of the scenarios have to be formatted and/or translated and I will do that when I find the time. If you are interested in seeing any of there scenarios then let me know.

New map boards:

All the map boards are fairly large (ca. 750 kb). To print a map board for use with Gunslinger load the new board in a graphics program (e.g., The Gimp) or simply in a word processing program (e.g., OpenOffice). Scale the picture such that the vertical dimensions match with the original boards (the horizontal size will then automatically match) and print on a colour printer - a board can easily fit on an A4 page.

House Rules

The rules here are meant as clarifications and additions to the standard rules.


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